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The Week in Review (6/29/09)


This Week: I ran into a billion problems this week. Beyond being crushed at learning how much Softbank can rip someone off for a new 32 gig iPhone and the fact that they’re giving DoCoMo folks a sweet deal while doing nothing for their actual customers, my old iPhone just failed when I installed the 3.0 software.

I finally got 3.0 working today. My new hatred for Apple and Softbank means I’m probably going to jailbreak the fuck out of my iPhone now, especially after seeing all the cool things (wait, video was already there?) my friend’s JBed phone could do.

My computer is also apparently on its last legs…It’s been a bad tech week for me…

Stuff on my Radar you May Have Missed: In all the hustle and bustle, I didn’t dig up so much, but I’m still going to recommend that people check out ‘The Pacific” trailer and keep tabs on that show. If you liked “Band of Brothers” and were waiting for the Pacific theater version, this will definitely be your cup of tea.

My Favs from You Guys:

I dug the shit out of Andy Heather’s article on banning Katakana. I agree that it present a serious impediment on learning the English language. I’ve seen people struggle with overcoming problems with English fo years while running off and learning Spanish in months and constantly fight with students to convince them that they should be saying things like “Au-su-to-ra-i-ri-a.”

Slate’s article on Cool Biz is something you already know a lot about if you live in Japan, but it was fun seeing an outsider’s opinions on it and his theory on how it decreases work in a country that’s not producing like it used to.

The plethora of ideas in this month’s Japan Blog Matsuri were the fucking cats pyjamas. Rock on!

Others: @saltypear, for some tips involving doing fake ‘Christian-style’ weddings in Takamatsu on Weekends.

Not sure if I want to do it yet. After viewing, it looked easy, until the mock-priest told me of what a hassle it can be with last minute changes. I also work about 6 days a week already and aren’t exactly pressed for cash.

Still, being a fake priest if only for a little bit would be pretty hilarious.

My Own Stuff: My own stuff was shite this week, but thanks for looking at it anyway. I let the previous week carry my numbers this week as I was overly pressed with the impending doom of my iPhone, computer, and a hectic work schedule.

Observations:  You guys keep checking in even when I’m not writing anything. Kudos to you!

Next Week(s): Some of the pieces I mentioned last time are still in the pipeline. There will be whales eventually, I’ve got more green ammo to unload, moving the “Getting a Job Series” into the planning to arrive stages, etc, etc…

I may also roll out a few changes to the format of the blog. Some people have complained about the extremely basic style, others like that’s it so simple. Regardless, there’s probably a LITTLE more I could be doing with it. I kinda dig just getting my words out there and saying ‘fuck all’ to style too, but it always helps to have some polish.


The Week in Review (6/21/09)


This Week: Wow, thanks all! It was a real whirlwind of a week. I set out to crank out a post from Monday to Friday, but somehow still pulled out enough ammunition to carry me into the weekend. You guys took me above and beyond my meager expectations for the blog, and I thank you! The Japan Blogging community it pretty badass and welcoming.

Stuff on my Radar you May Have Missed:

I cast a wide net!

I nearly pissed myself and definitely cried laughing listening to Dr. Ken Jeong on the Adam Carolla podcast. It’s not Japan centric per say, but it pokes a lot of humor at Asian Stereotypes and does so in an extremely funny way. If you’re sensitive, you might be offended, so be warned.

On the other hand, I was far less impressed with this clip from Judd Apatow’s ‘Funny People’ in which Adam Sandler hangs out with a Japanese family…

My Favs from You Guys:

Gakuranman’s post on the use of ‘Nau‘ is exactly the kind of Japanese lesson I need. I have the attention span of a puppy dog and love slang. It helps me stick to just using bad Japanese slang and ‘-kure’ form stuff to scary everyone away. Really looking forward to more, although you lost me at the two point mark…I just need a word man, one word!  ;-P

Frugalista’s post on conscious spending was awesome. It took the idea of budgeting in Japan into an entirely new realm I’d never actually thought of. Here I am  hording 500 yen coins and using my razors for an extra week while cutting my face to shreds, and he’s off investing money in banks.

Mutant Frog’s post on badges was kinda cool. I just clicked on it randomly via twitter and was sucked into a world I never even noticed existed. I’ve seen the badges, but never knew they had such specific function. Hopefully I can get a badge too someday. Maybe it’ll be like the one they gave the Jews in Germany.


I also owe @LostInInaka big time for his help getting my iPhone back up and running. The 3.0 software just ate my iPhone, and he was a big help getting me back to 2.2. Still stuck without 3.0 though, I feel like I’m living in the stone age!

I also want to see @KimonoBox attack that Times article some more about the bloggers getting benefits for writing favorable reviews of tourist sites. My theory is still that it’s mostly the foodie and travel Japanese bloggers, and not us snarky, venom and bile-filled foreign bloggers living in Japan.

Thanks to JoeJones (@redjoe) on JapanSoc for teaching me to spell Visa correctly!

My Own Stuff:

The Getting a Teaching Job in Japan Series (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3): I enjoyed writing these, although I never thought they would have created such a landslide towards my blog.  They helped me take out some frustration, although now I’m worried I’ll just be getting piles and piles of well written resumes now!  Anyway, I’m going to be continuing the series, so look for the next installment this Tuesday.

My Own Favorite Post of the Week: Simple humor and silly Japan products always make me laugh the post. I really enjoyed the pictures I got from the Japanese ‘Dentie Tooth Paste’ test. I didn’t really enjoy testing it though. Although I’m actually still using it, cause I’m lazy!

Living Cheaply in Japan: This post exploded beyond my wildest dreams. I actually thought it was garbage. I was apparently extremely wrong. The best parts were your comments though, which I still consider more insightful than most of my own, which all basically revolved around saving money as an alcoholic.

Observations: Was nice to learn how to stay out of a flame war on Japan Probe. I started to get sucked in, then realized I was wasting breath and energy on something I just thought was funny. Was also interesting to trial the Times article about ‘cute ambassadors’ on some of my students to see where they fell. Japanese men thought it was an awesome idea, Japanese women were often horribly offended that the government was portraying them to the world in such a light. Interesting split. If you missed it, read my take here.

Next Week(s): Look for continuing my rant as an angry HR man trying to high quality teachers in a land of few and far between (course, each and ever one of you reading is a brilliant teacher  ;-P  ), some whales, some zombies, a large phone bill, communists, and possibly even communist whale zombies.

I may not churn out a post a day like my epic pledge drive style last week, but I’ll continue to provide yall with my own wacky personal viewpoints on this silly land of Japan.

Ok, gotta head out. Wouldn’t want to miss the last train to Awesometown