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Stuck In The Middle With You: AKA, Being Stuck Between Scylla and Charybdis AND a Massive Love Train, But Not Really a Part of Either

I originally wrote this piece for #Quakebook, but it didn’t make the final cut. After reading through some of the excerpts, I can see why, as they capture the moment, the feelings, and events far better  than I and are more deserving of a spot than the hungover notions that I penned below.

Still, I like what I wrote and I don’t want to see it just disappear, so I’m putting it down right here for posterity.

Should you like what you read here, I HIGHLY recommend that you navigate on over to the afore mentioned #Quakebook Project and pick up a copy. It’s absolutely gripping stuff.  Just think, you’re sitting here potentially enjoying the scraps when you can invest in the full fucking dinner, 100% of proceeds going to help the people in the Tohoku region of Japan.

Anyway, here ya go:


It was a bizarre mental week…

Foreign media proclaimed the entire country  a wasteland, accusing the Japanese government of hiding incredible evils, and the only good news was that Japanese people still fit the convenient world stereotype of politely not killing each other or devolving into Barter Town-esque dynamics that apparently arise whenever any other country faces crisis.

Friends and family outside Japan heaped a deluge of love and worry upon me. I played the comedian and thanked them for caring so much about my pollen allergies, but by week’s end felt heavy with what might be considered a mild case of survivor’s guilt. As my net-brethren in Tokyo braced for their nightly aftershocks and the clouds of media radiation, there was a moment or two where I’d hoped to feel at least a piece of it all myself so that I could be part of what everyone outside Japan was telling me I was a part of, perhaps a little quake or a tiny-tsunami, just enough to join the club, to be a city on the Japan Quake ’11 tour tee-shirt

I don’t think I’ve ever been in such a strange situation, media and friends consoling me and proclaiming my doom in equal measure, all while I sat in my rainbows and puppy dogs corner of newly ‘post-apocalyptic’ Japan.

Before our power company figured out how to send power across the east/west wattage differential, my wife and I made irrational decisions, canceling her plans to make oatmeal cookies to help spare the power grid while I donated money to the Red Cross knowing full well that they’d just change the rules on CPR again so they could make new CPR manuals to sell.

We all had our mini mental breakdown moments here this week, but it’s a beautiful spring day here and I can still buy batteries.

So, there it is. If you liked that for free, get the real deal at Quakebook and support a good cause.