The Flashing Mini Statue of Liberty on the River and ‘Club Feel’ say otherwise…

There is no love in Japan.....oh, except here....

I really enjoyed Jsoc’s recent link to a study in the Mainichi Daily News that revealed studies showing about 1/3 of Japanese couples as basically sexless.

It paints a woefully unromantic picture of a society where couples carry out frigid, business-like relationships with one another, the man working his long, 12-14 hour days, the women, sitting at home, counting out her husband’s salary and calculating his daily lunch allowance while pinning for some Korean Drama Hero to swoop and show her some romance:

Don't say I never did anything for ya, ladies...

But I’m not quite sure that Japan has moved backwards as much it’s moved forward. As I highlighted in a earlier post, Japan hasn’t back-tracked to days of yore as much as it’s forging a new path for its culture, realistically deconstructing ideological paradigms and saying ‘fuck it’ to the silly social constraints that bind the modern world of love and romance.

When I look around Japan, I see these sexless couples, quite happy with the status quo. To paint their situations as some plight that needs remedy might be looking through a lense that the Western World has thrust upon them with their Valentine’s Days, Diamond Rings, and Christmas Cakes.

The Japanese husband isn’t writhing and crying out for a remedy to a lack of romance and sex with his wife. He finishes his work at 9 o’clock and takes a run down to the hostess bar, where Sakura, Hanami, and Momo-chan take care of his every need.

They don't care that you left the toilet seat up, and they light your cigarettes and pour your drinks

Perhaps he uses a bit of his secret bank account to take one of them out for a night on the town once she finishes at the bar. The love hotel industry seems at odds to this whole “sexless Japan” somehow.

The Japanese wife isn’t stressing either. She’s taken up Korean lessons for some reason and is often taking long holiday weekend trips to Korea to enjoy the “shopping” and the “tasty food.”  She also strangely enjoys shoulder massages and has a pretty intense array of  massagers.

For massaging shoulder, back, and anything else that might require vibration

Beyond her hobbies, during the brief moments when stars aligned and blue moons shined down upon the earth, the married couple was fortunate enough to conceive a child. While the man is out for long hours ‘working,’ the woman could care less, because now she’s got this:

The Investment that Makes Japanese Men Borderline Unnecessary (Image by © Dex Image/Corbis)

Shove your silly studies up your asses. Japan isn’t in any dire peril. They’re just doing things the Japanese way. It might be somewhat jaded and practical, but it seems to work.

So during this Valentine’s Day and the coming White Day, as you sit there bemoaning Japan’s lack of sex, take a good look around at the flashing neon lights on the river.

It ain’t really that bad and couples will find a way…

One response to “The Flashing Mini Statue of Liberty on the River and ‘Club Feel’ say otherwise…

  1. On a related note, my GF has recently taken up Korean lessons…. ;-P

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