‘The Pacific’ Trailer hits the web

Image Courtesy of Pacific Fans

Image Courtesy of Pacific Fans

World War II can often be a touchy subject here in Japan, and I’m often a bit apt to keep my views about it to myself, living in a country that’s never quite come to grips with their role in the war.

It’s a shame, seeing the education students get often neglects exactly what they were doing during the 1930s and 1940s, but at the end of the day, although they resolutely refuse most apologies, at least they’ve become an extremely peaceful country that also refuses most forms of military action.

Anyway, HBO debuted the trailer for their new WWII show, ‘The Pacific’ about two days ago and I haven’t really seen it hit anywhere in the Japan-o-sphere, so I figured I’d link to it and write a bit about it.

It’s produced by Steven Spielberg, Tom Hanks, and Gary Goetzman for HBO films and looks to chart the same course as ‘Band of Brothers,’ an exceptional miniseries that covered the war in Europe, this time focusing on the US Marines in their island hopping campaign across the Pacific against Imperial Japan.

My grandfather fought in Okinawa and is still haunted by the memories. Although I’ve read as much as possible on the subject, I’m really excited to see this series unfold on the small screen.

The previous series had a gravity and quality to it that made it absolutely amazing to watch. I highly recommend checking it out when it hits in 2010.

Maybe a few Japanese eyes will catch it and learn that my people weren’t just the marauding, nuclear holocaust loving douchebags they sometimes seem to think we were.

Here’s the trailer!


4 responses to “‘The Pacific’ Trailer hits the web

  1. I didn’t know about this, even though I’m a huge ‘Band of brothers’ fan. That’s great news, thanks for sharing.

    I also hope that the young Japanese generation will be able to watch it (even if I’m not from the US).

  2. Ambrose’s son is apparently on as an advisor, and although based off non-Ambrose books, they’re still some high quality reads.

  3. the trailer looks good…thanks for the heads up yo

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