All Good Citizens Remember to Wear their Headbags!

In Japan, Kinky is a part of everyday life        

In Japan, Kinky is a part of everyday life

Japan’s a strange place where considerations for others often outweigh concerns for the self (as long as the others are watching, but that’s a topic for another day). I recently went to a sports shop to pick up some new pants to lounge around the house in, because I like big baggy pants and I like lounging around.

I didn’t really find any baggy, comfy pants, as the majority were constrictive and tight enough to neatly show the outline of my dick beneath them.  This isn’t condusive to answering the door and telling the NHK guy that  I don’t have a TV and won’t give him money (or maybe it is?) and I don’t often feel like scaring the world when I run out to the conbini for a can of coffee.

However, despite coming away with no pants, I did have blast in the changing room, where I got to play my favorite new game:

“Guess who is wearing a Japanese Changing Room Makeup Cover and who is in an Iraqi Prison!”

Choice A

Choice A

Choice B

Choice B











Is the man in the confining space in first picture trapped in a prison camp? Is the guy in the second picture going to a changing room with a big box of clothes? It’s a mystery! 

Anyway, it makes me wonder if there’s already porn out there with Japanese girls wearing head bags like this. Because if there’s not, Japan’s really falling behind in the wacky fetish porn wars with Germany.

Whatcha all think?

3 responses to “All Good Citizens Remember to Wear their Headbags!

  1. Wet headbag porn sounds good; call it auto-erotic waterboard fantasy asphyxiation!

  2. john, since you’re so good with a camera and I know where we can find some headbags, I think we have a business model….time to hit up Abba and recruit some willing headbag-ees

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